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04 November 2010 @ 12:57 pm
Two More [Goodreads]
Hi! I don't know if this place is active anymore, but I just read the book and I made a review/my thoughts of it in my personal LJ. you can read it here. I'd love to discuss it with folks and see what everyone else thought too! Also am I alone when I was shocked to know there were two more books. I just went to the official website and was surprised to see that there were two more coming in 2011 and 2012. Not that I'm complaining at all. I'm so out of the loop! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Looking forward to a hopefully lively discussion of the sequel! I need people to squee with, really. You can read my not quite review over HERE. Thanks!
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Hey everyone! I'm a first time poster here. I just wanted to let you all know about this contest my sister is having. She met Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl a couple days ago at the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in Cincinnati, OH. They were generous enough to provide a signed copy of Beautiful Creatures, book one of the Caster's series, signed by both Authors, a Beautiful Darkness necklace, and a Beautiful Darkness keychain for my sister to give away on her blog! All you have to do is go to the blog and comment with your email :) This is taken directly from her blog:

"Now to pass on my charmed luck. One lucky reader of this blog can win a SIGNED copy of Beautiful Creatures, Book One of the Caster Chronicles, signed by not one, but BOTH authors. Yes. Really.
Two other readers of this blog will win a Beautiful Darkness necklace (The second book in the Caster Chronicles, coming out in just a few weeks Oct. 12) and a Beautiful Darkness keychain!! Now that’s some swag!
Being entered for a chance to win is easy! FOLLOW @ReganCoomer on twitter, COMMENT on this blog post and RT this contest on your twitter and/or facebook. Please include your email when you comment for notification purposes. One first-place and two second-place winners will be chosen at random. Contest ends Oct. 3.

Here's a link to the actual blog so you can read for yourself. (There's pictures too!)

Here's a link to Regan Coomer's twitter if you'd like to follow there.

Thanks guys, Good Luck!
07 April 2010 @ 11:49 am
What about Logan Lerman for Ethan? Thoughts?

fyi: he was Percy in PJ&tLT
link to IMDB page
19 March 2010 @ 11:06 am
From the BC website.....


in stores October 26, 2010

Beautiful Creatures
Cover by David Caplan. Font by Si Scott.
Some secrets are life-altering…
others are life-ENDING.



life ENDING, huh, Kami and Margie? you have me in suspense....
Hey ya'll... i'm putting this behind a cut to save space on your flist :)

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BIG BEUTIFUL CREATURES NEWS... no, seriously... BIG NEWSCollapse )

Don't worry - I'll keep you up to date!!

via www.beautifulcreaturesthebook.com


Announcing Beautiful Creatures Books 3 & 4

March 3rd, 2010 by Kami

fireworkds4 copy
Lots of you have asked how many books will follow BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.  We are excited that we can finally share the answer with you.  Little, Brown will be publishing all four books in THE CASTER CHRONICLES series, so you will have three books to look forward to after you read BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!
From Publisher’s Lunch (March 1, 2010):
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s third and fourth books in The Caster Chronicles series, continuing the story of Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes as they are pulled deeper into the haunting Southern gothic world first introduced in the bestselling Beautiful Creatures, again to Julie Scheina and Jennifer Hunt at Little, Brown Children’s, for publication in Fall 2011 and Fall 2012, by Sarah Burnes of The Gernert Company (NA).
We want to thank  all the authors, bloggers, tweethearts, and readers who have embraced BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and us.  This is all because of you.
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01 March 2010 @ 01:45 pm


Sorry for the recent absence - life got in the way :( But the important thing is that, if you have a Twitter, you know that Margie and Kami have been having some fun-tastic travels while promoting BC.

To get everybody back in the groove... let's have an off topic post...

19 February 2010 @ 07:08 pm
What do you recommend?

no, SERIOUSLY, recommend anything to the fellow BC fans out there.

Some ideas:
  • a fun website
  • a fanfic
  • music
  • other YA literature
  • other books in general
go on, share the love. 

17 February 2010 @ 09:45 am
i hope you all are having a fantastic week :) 

my IPod was feeling especially Lena-esque yesterday and it shuffled to this song i haven't heard in forever. i thought it caught the internal struggle of Lena quite well, especially her struggle to hold on to herself when her "end" is growing ever closer.

*this is by Superchic[k], a Christian band, so there are some religious undertones. No, I'm not saying that those aspects of the song apply. :)

Are there any songs that YOU think relate to the novel?
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